Carve the Mark


Our latest novel for Book Club was Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth.

From the author of the Divergent series, Carve the Mark is the first of a new duology set in an expansive galaxy on the verge of political chaos. Focusing on Cyra and Akos, two teens from enemy countries on the planet Thuvhe, it is a story about resilience and fighting for what is right.

Read Book Club member Elisa’s review below.




I loved the Divergent series (by Veronica Roth) even though I spent several hours (perhaps days) crying in a corner after I finished Allegiant, WHY VERONICA WHHHHHHHHYYYYYY! I didn’t think Carve the Mark would be as good as Divergent… I WAS VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY WRONG! Carve the Mark focuses on two characters, Cyra and Akos. Cyra is a brave, independent, strong girl, whereas Akos has a different type of bravery, quieter perhaps but no less important, he is more a follower than a leader. As a reader I was extremely frustrated, they were perfect for each other and it took them so long to realise. I won’t go into the plot to much but this is what I’m going to say, Veronica has, I believe, spread awareness about chronic pain, its a continuous living nightmare. Whilst reading Carve the Mark I felt oblivious to my surroundings, it was like I was secluded amongst the stars and nothing could bring me down. I was constantly on edge whilst reading this novel, whether with exhilaration, anger or happiness. The only things I can criticise about this book is that the ending didn’t end on a jaw-dropping cliffhanger that made me anxious to get the sequel (however I am giddy with excitement about the next book coming out!) and I believe the novel needed more context about the “Carve the Mark” universe (pun intended), for example how the civilizations formed, the origins of the Assembly etc. However I thoroughly enjoyed the book and cannot wait for the Carve the Mark sequel, The Fates Divide.

Elisa (S1)


S1 Storytelling

The 23rd of January  – 3rd of February was National Storytelling week. To celebrate some of our S1 pupils attended a training session Friday morning on reading to children at Linwood Library. Over the next few weeks they will be participating in a paired reading programme with local primaries, and will get the chance to read to Primary 1 classes.

Pupils spent a morning at the library with the school library team, transition teacher Ms Stefanatos, and Library supervisor Kay, where they were shown the best way to read stories to children in a way that is fun and engaging!

After the training session our S1s were given the opportunity to browse the picture books in the library and pick their favourite, and had a chance to practice reading to each other.

Thank you to Linwood Library for having us and we’re looking forward to visiting the primary schools!

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More Than This

More Than This front cover

Our first novel for Book Club was Patrick Ness’ More Than This. 

Sixteen-year-old Seth drowns and dies in the ocean. But then, he wakes up. Seth finds himself in a deserted English town where terrible memories begin to come back to him, and with the help of two new friends he tries to find out what has happened to him.

Read Book Club member Luke’s review below:




“This was an interesting book. The start was quite slow, and the characters mild with lack of description. However, it created a lot of questions which were later answered in superb detail. The end of the book was interesting and the characters were people who were realistic and you knew what they were feeling. You began to get entwined with the characters and story.”

Luke (S1)

Book Week Scotland 2017

This year at Gryffe we celebrated Book Week Scotland with a fairy tale theme!

Book Week took place from Monday 27th of November to Sunday the 3rd of December, and there were lots of events taking place throughout the school to mark the occasion.

Staff decorated their classroom doors to match their favourite fairy tales, with Miss McFadyen’s in English looking particularly festive with her Frozen theme!


On Wednesday lunchtime the library held a fairy tale themed quiz, hosted by 6th year pupils Lauren, Juliet and Hannah, who also came up with the questions. Everyone got a token for participating and the winning team, Team Nightmare, came in first with an impressive 25/30.

After lunch on Wednesday, S1 pupils also attended a talk in the theatre from author Allison Galbraith. Allison shared some Scottish folktales including Whoopity Stoorie, the Scottish version of Rumpelstiltskin.

On Friday everyone was encouraged to dress up as characters from their favourite fairy tales. There were some great costumes from both staff and pupils!


At the end of the day, all the S1 pupils who had dressed up gathered in the library, where Evie won the best costume prize for her brilliant Mary Poppins. Daniel and Christopher were close runners-up with their Mad Hatter and Thing 1 outfits.